Three Paid Survey Sites That Pay Cash In 2019

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It’s becoming more and more common to hear from people earning good money at home from paid surveys.

These aren’t your paid surveys of the past where you’d spend 30 minutes answering a questionnaire, only to be entered into a prize draw, or receive some useless gift voucher.

No, in fact, the best paid survey sites of 2019 not only pay cash via PayPal, but also offer a decent return on your time and effort.

Take Suzi for example.

“As a stay at home Mom, I don’t always have a lot of time to dedicate to completing surveys, so when I do find the time, I like to focus on the highest paid survey sites.”

Here’s a list of the top three survey sites to become a member of in 2019, so you too can earn cash with paid surveys.

Top Three Survey Sites In 2019

PineCone Research

The first site, PineCone Research, is a more exclusive site offering some of the top paid surveys for cash.

PineCone Research isn’t always open for business, but when they are it’s worth signing up. It’s not their pay per survey which is phenomenal, but rather the multitude of survey offers you receive once you’re a member.

Plus they pay via PayPal which means receiving the cash you earn is simple, fast and secure. They also have special offers you’ll want to watch out for. A top contender in 2019!

Sign up here.

Global Test Market Panel

Another site offering good, legitimate paid surveys from home is Global Test Market Panel.

Their site is simple to use and the pay for surveys is good. While they do pay via PayPal, you need $50 in your account before you can redeem your cash, which can take a while. Suzi recommends staying patient and taking up any survey offer you receive in the meantime.

In addition to surveys they also have sweeps, prize draws and other special offers. You can also opt to receive discounted gift cards instead of cash.

Sign up here.

Ipsos i-Say

The final site you NEED to sign up to in 2019 is Ipsos i-Say.

This site is great. They send you email notifications when you have a new survey appear in your dashboard which clearly outlines the topic, duration and pay, so you know whether the survey is worth your time.

They have prize draws and polls, and they also offer a range of different gift cards and vouchers. But best of all, they pay through PayPal.

Sign up here.

Tips From Survey Suzi

Survey Suzi has been earning money from surveys for year, and she has a few tips to help you have the best chance of earning great cash.

  • Make sure you always answer honestly. Often times there will be questions that try to catch you out.
  • Take any survey offer you receive. Even if the survey doesn’t appeal to you or you can’t be bothered, the more surveys you do the more you’ll receive.
  • Participate in the community boards. It can get lonely on survey sites, but by communicating with others you’ll find a whole network of people just like you.
  • Wait before you withdraw cash. Sometimes the more points you redeem, the bigger the discount you’ll receive. This is worth waiting for.

Good luck!

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