The Cancer of Procrastination

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If you’re trying to earn from home then Procrastination is a caner eating away at your earnings. It might even be the death of your working from home. Time you waste avoiding work is time you’re not converting into money. If you’re a procrastinator then you might be completely undermining your choice of lifestyle.


Help me! I’m a Procrastinator

I have to confess, I can be a procrastinator, sometimes quite a bad one. I like the idea of tasks I should do more often, like updating this blog, but I struggle – for a whole bunch of legitimate reasons – to get around to it. But even with good reasons not to the real truth is that I keep putting it off or wasting time.

It took me ages to write my last article on online marketplaces because I simply kept getting sucked into “research” of each one and then it took too much time, which was a legitimate reason to stop but it should never have taken so much time in the first place.

Getting to grips with procrastination can be hard. Education is the first step. I found this article from Wait But Why (that’s a link to part 1)  a great starting point for resources and more, uh, research.

If you are a procrastinator what can you do? The Wait But Why series has some good advice at the end. The interest has a lot of ideas – different things will work for different people so you might need to experiment a bit. Things like getting into a routine can help to give you some structure to avoid procrastination.


One trigger of procrastination is apathy – simply not caring about what you’re doing. Or not caring enough to see it through. Most procrastination isn’t triggered by apathy but some of the worst of it can be.

Apathy isn’t always labelled as such. It’s more often labelled a lack of interest or lack of motivation. If you find these descriptions applying to you during a task then maybe consider how much you actually care or if the task is worth it. If you’ve the choice (not everyone will have) then maybe put the task aside.

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it. In these cases I try to… actually, I’ve lost interest…