Picking A Micro Niche: Why The Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage Earns Money

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If there’s something constantly said, it’s this – the money is in the niche!

You wont only hear this sentence posted on forums of wannabe digital nomads, but by authoritative people like Amy Porterfield. It just so happens that with rising competition comes fewer opportunities, and the remedy to this appears to be choosing a micro niche.

What is a micro niche?

We all know what a niche is. For example, when I wrote about why I love being a digital nomad, I was appealing to a broad niche – people with shared values of becoming a digital nomad. A micro niche goes further than this. In one case study, it was found that by being more selective about who they write articles for brought greater success. For example, writing about the best lightweight carry on luggage reviews for families allowed them to rank faster and to rank better than going for a higher traffic keyword.

But is it profitable? Yes! A big reason why a micro niche is profitable over a bigger niche is because of less competition. Of course if you were able to target the higher traffic keyword, you’d make money. But in this case, it’s simply not possible.

How do you find a profitable micro niche?

The easiest place to start is a keyword research tool. Type in products that you could easily write about and ones that interest you and see what appears. And you can go even further than this.

It is totally possible to stumble upon keywords with a great amount of searches this way. For example, a search for ‘best vacuum for pet hair’ returns over 12,000 searches per month! This is pretty specific and a great way to target people.

I recommend KeySearch to help you do this – this KeySearch review can help you decide.

How can you go further?

There’s so much more that you can do once you find the perfect keyword, and writing articles with affiliate links aren’t the only way. Another case study found that those that used Facebook Ads to target individuals suited to the micro niche saw even greater results. The idea is simple – so long as you spend less than you earn, you’ll always be making money.

Another idea is to create products for a micro niche that haven’t been done before. Where on the internet can you find a guide for cutting your own hair when you only have one arm? It doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean no one is looking for it! While this is an extreme example, there are tonnes of more realistic ones. Be creative and don’t be scared to have a go.