Making an Income from Blogging

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Another popular way to earn an income from home is blogging.

Basically, you can start a blog easily using a program like WordPress.  You can then blog regularly about a topic of interest to you and others.  If you can build up an audience, there are many different ways to earn money.

Ways to Monetize a Blog


A popular way to monetize a blog is through displaying advertisements, either through programs like Google AdSense or selling space directly to advertisers or writing product reviews.  This is how SJ, the blogger behind Chasing the Donkey, A local’s guide to Croatia, earns money.  She sells advertising directly to sponsors.  She also reviews accommodation and travel experiences in Croatia in return for doing these activities for free.

Affiliate Sales

Other bloggers earn money from affiliate commissions, such as Amazon.  They might write a review of a product and then encourage people to buy it through an affiliate link.  There are many affiliate opportunities so it is not hard to find products that you can sell for a commission.

Produce and Sell Products

Many other bloggers produce products, such as eBooks and sell these on their blogs.  Others build and sell software that fulfill a need that readers of their blog have.

Launch a New Career or Company

A blog can also be used to launch a new career or company.  Many bloggers use their blog as a platform to launch things such as a freelance writing career. Other career paths may be as a life coach, social media expert or to launch a public speaking career.  Some bloggers have even started tour companies from their blog.  I have launched this blog in the hope of using it to launch my own product range and coaching some day.

There are a large variety of ways that different bloggers have managed to make an income from their blogs.  It just takes a bit of creativity.