How To Promote Your Products With Webinars

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Webinars are a fantastic way to sell your product – whatever it may be.

Perhaps you’ve designed an online course and you need a way to get prospective students interested. Or, maybe you have an e-Book on which you need to show your wide knowledge on a certain topic. Webinars are the way to do this!

In fact, they don’t just work well for products. Elsa, from Dive Into Germany, also found the worked well to educate her audience about travelling in Germany and made him affiliate commissions.

1. Decide which webinar software you will use

There’s loads of webinar software out there. Some email marketing services will allow you to do webinars which can be an easy and cost effective way to run webinars. There are other services too like Webinar Jam, GoToWebinar and ClickMeeting.

2. Decide on the name, time and date of the webinar

To get these details you first need to know what the topic is. Decide on a topic for your webinar and then the name will come to you easily. Use something catchy and likely to grab attention. Choose a time and date that is relevant to your audience – for example, if most of your audience live in Canada, then make sure you set your webinar at a time appropriate for Canadians.

3. Advertise your webinar

You should advertise your webinar by emailing your subscribers to sign up, as well as advertising on your site. You can do this by setting up a landing page where people can sign up to the webinar. You should also advertise it on other pages on your site, like popular posts, other relevant posts and even the homepage.

4. Write a script

Write a killer script that shows you know what you’re talking about. You want to provide information on the topic you’re talking about and naturally move on to talking about your product. It needs to sound natural and be relevant to the topic. Don’t worry about sounding salesy – it’s your webinar!

5. Set up a replay

If you’re able to record your webinar, you can email a replay of it to your subscribers and put it on the landing page. Done!

Have you used webinars to sell products?