How To Be More Productive Working From Home

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Many people are surprised to learn that with all the perks working from home offers, there are some great difficulties too.

This is because working from home makes it a little too easy to procrastinate, not only impacting your productivity, but your sanity too.

But there are ways to tackle this head on so that you can have a better experience working from home.

In this article, we will cover how you can be more productive and procrastinate less when you work from home. These tips can help anyone, whether you work from home or not

Dedicate A Space

One of the most essential parts of working from home is having a space where you do your work. Although the idea of laying in bed with your laptop and pj’s on may sound appealing now, in reality, it’s not a great idea.

Not only can it lead to back problems and RSI, but it could seriously impact your state of mind and productivity. You wouldn’t use the toilet where you eat, so why work where you sleep?

The solution to this is allocating a space where you work – be it a chair and desk or a whole room. This will help you switch into work mode whenever you sit down in the space.

Choose a space that is comfortable and offers minimal distractions, and ensure you maintain a clean space with minimal clutter.

Feel free to add some personal touches like plants or art work, but keep this to a minimum.

Prepare For Today Yesterday

A great way to kick start your productivity when working from home is to have a to-do list. The best time to do this is the day before.

This has the advantage of helping you switch off from the previous days tasks, as well as having clear actionable goals from the moment you start the next day.

To-do lists really are essential when you work from home. This is because the only person watching over your progress is you, and you will forget things – you’re only human!

I recommend a tool like

Set A Working Schedule

A working schedule is essential for both productivity and boundaries.

Although you are working from home it can be advantageous to work during normal office hours, although you may find it easier to work from home whenever creativity strikes. It this happens at 3am, don’t hold back!

Remember To Relax

Sometimes the hardest part about working from home is stopping work! I recommend you use an alarm and break your working times down into blocks.

Remember to get outside and breath in some fresh air too.

Working from home offers many benefits, but to make the most of it, follow the tips above!

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