Enjoying Location Independance

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If you could work anywhere, where would you go?

As mentioned before on this site, one of the attractions of working from home is the flexibility it affords, and the chance for a better lifestyle. Want to work in your pyjamas? Then go for it (warning: it might not be a good long term move for everyone). However, like our last article discussed routine and schedules are important, too. If being flexible, schedule wise is leading you to stray from your routine and impact your productivity then location flexibility might be the answer.

Location, location

Sticking to your schedule might be crucial for you. So in order to spice things up, try working from different locations near where you live. Working from home does not mean being stuck in your home. The change of scenery might make the boring parts less painful, or it might give you new energy and inspiration.

Offices and traditional workplaces have lots of downsides. However one of their strengths is being around other people and the energy that can come through interaction and communication. Working from home can all but eliminate this for a lot of people, so get out and about and enjoy the new flexibility you have. Lots of people are doing it!

If you could work anywhere, where would you go?
If you could work anywhere, where would you go?

Where do you want to go, today?

Remember the (very) old Microsoft slogan? Even if you don’t it can apply to you now. So, where do you feel like working? There’s lots of options, but one of the nicest – for me – is to be able to sit outside. If you’re lucky enough to have a nice spot in your yard then give it a try! I’m writing this article from a small park, propped up against a tree, near my home. Something about being outside really gets some people productive. Lots of people like to be at or overlook a beach.

There’s a tonne of indoor places, too. Places like coffee shops can be great locations to not only grab a coffee but to grab some wifi as well. Local libraries can be another good choice if you need some sort of connectivity and some peace and quiet.


Being connected to the internet can restrict your mobility. But as we just mentioned there are places that traditionally are happy to offer free wifi. Lots of places offer free wifi for customers so you should explore your neighbourhood to find potential offices for a couple of hours or a day.

Perhaps your cell phone might offer the connectivity you need. If all you need is to take calls and check your email then a cell phone is perfect. If you need more then get a plan that will let you tether your cell to your computer for the ability to work wherever there is good cell coverage.

You can also read my article about better wifi.

 It won’t work

Admittedly location independence isn’t an option for everyone. For whatever reason some people’s work or circumstances do not lend themselves easily to working outside their home. If that applies to you see if there is something you can do away from the home “office” like paperwork or something that is outside the usual set of tasks. Or even just get out and see some people during your lunch break when you’re feeling isolated. It will help break up any rut or stagnation you’re in.