Earning Money Online With Paid Surveys

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online survey

One of the quickest ways to begin earning money online is by taking paid surveys. Though the pay isn’t astronomical, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that anyone (Yes, even you!) can begin making money online with surveys within as little as one hour.

online survey

Step One: Sign up to an online survey site.

There are many, many sites online that provide you with paid survey opportunities. These sites have relationships with businesses who need to do market research or test products or websites. Businesses pay the survey provider to gather data, and the survey provider pays you to create it by responding to surveys with your unique opinion.

Some of the most popular websites to visit include Toluna, Pureprofile and Swagbucks. Other popular sites include:

SurveyMoneyMachines.com – Access is instant and you can start filling out surveys and making money right away! They work with over 40 market research companies to gather data for massive clients. They even have an option to get paid rating new movie trailers!

OpinionOutpost.com – Not only will you make money completing surveys, you will also be entered into drawings to win free gift cards and a $10,000 prize every three months. Signup is easy with Facebook. Who wouldn’t like to win the great gifts they have available?

MySurvey.com – With MySurvey, you earn points instead of dollars. These points can then be spent on specific gifts and goodies in their online catalog. Though you can redeem points for Amazon or PayPal gift cards, it may turn you off that you can’t get cold hard cash from this website. Consider this before putting in the hours!

Step Two: Fill out your profile information.

Companies approach these survey providers to get data and demographics around their products. In order to know who is providing what data, they ask that these survey providers collect as much information about their survey takers as possible.

Sometimes filling out this information can take well over 2 hours! This should show you just how comprehensive they want their research to be, so it works in your favor to fill in as much as possible. Once you add in everything related to where you live, what your occupation is, how big your family is, if you own pets, etc., etc., you may be exhausted before making a cent!

Don’t underestimate this step. Many potentially successful survey takers are unfortunately veered off course when they see the 30+ data fields they are asked to provide.

Step Three: Take surveys and watch the cash roll in!

Once you’ve filled out your background information, surveys will become available to you. This process is a little different depending on the site – some sites will send email notifications, sms notifications or have a dashboard where survey offers will appear.

Once surveys become available you can start earning money immediately. While you won’t get rich filling out surveys, it is still one of the quickest and easiest ways to start making money online!

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