You Can’t Make Money and Complaints at the Same Time

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road to earning an online income
The road to being successful can be long - especially if it is paved with negativity

There are many, many, many ways to make money online. If you’re not having success, then it is nobody’s fault but your own.

In order to make money online, (or offline for that matter) there are three things you need to do….

1. Decide on a proven strategy you will follow for making money.
2. Learn the skills necessary for completing this strategy.
3. Execute the proven strategy until you get your desired results.

These three steps are, objectively, quite simple.

The execution of these steps, however, holds 90% of business owners from having the success they dream of. What makes the execution of these ideas so challenging? What is the biggest obstacle holding these unsuccessful men and women from achieving their dreams?

Unfortunately, you can often see it plainly on their faces.

road to earning an online income
The road to being successful can be long – especially if it is paved with negativity

Negative thinking and complaining!

It’s always easier to complain than to face your problems head on. Complaining makes you feel good, and it allows you to rationalize your failures without placing any blame on yourself.

You can’t complain about failing if you admit that you are the reason you failed. If some outside force is keeping you down, however, then it’s not your fault and you get to be the vigilante fighting against a hailstorm of tough luck.

Complaining is nothing more than an easy way out. If you want to take this route, nobody is keeping you from shouting to the heavens about how your website doesn’t get traffic because of X, Y, or Z. In the end, however, you’ll just end up stressed and with nothing to show for it.

Those on the road to success don’t have time to complain.

You won’t hear people on the way to success complaining. They know that complaining will bring them down for two major reasons.

1. Complaining takes serious energy.
2. Complaining gives your power away.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If you get minimal sleep, perhaps you’ll get 16 hours of productive work per day before needing to crash and rejuvenate. Successful online entrepreneurs know that wasting any of this time is simply weighing them down. Successful people literally do not have time to complain. If you find time to complain throughout your day, perhaps you should consider reallocating your time to projects that can actually help your business.

Successful entrepreneurs know that they need to take full responsibility for the results they get online. They know that if they are going to sell on Ebay, run a successful affiliate campaign, or become a well-paid freelancer, they cannot look to anyone but themselves.

Complaining about some external condition shows that you do not have the power to change your situation. You no longer have any say in the outcomes that will occur in your life. Once you realize that you and you alone create your future it feels silly to complain.

You control your own actions and your actions affect your outcomes. Complaining just doesn’t make sense. Train your brain to stop thinking negatively.

You can’t make money online while complaining about how hard it is to make money online. It’s just that simple! You either accept that you have the power to change your situation or you give your power away to some external force you can’t control.

Will you keep your power and make a difference?

Will you stop making complaints and start taking action to get what you really want?

It’s up to you.