Becoming a Freelance Designer Online

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freelance designer at home

Have some creative skills? Think you’re able to sell yourself online, outside the walls of a safe design firm?

If so, then becoming an online designer may be a great option for you. Not only do you get to control your own hours, you can also name your own price, making sure you get paid a fair amount for your work on every single project. Read some reasons why you might want to be a freelancer.

freelance designer at home

Here are three ways you can begin to market your skills online and begin making money immediately!

Become a member of 99Designs.

99Designs is a great website for finding work as a freelance designer!

The concept is competition based. First, potential clients will upload their requests to the website. Designers will then submit proposals and the client will be able to pick which design he or she thinks is the best.

If your design is picked, great! You will not only be able to do business with this client, but your overall ranking on the website will increase, improving your ability to be seen by other potential customers.

Once your design is picked you will need to flesh out your mockup, submit it to the client, and get paid! The client then has the ability to hire you again and again, potentially leading to a steady stream of online income.

Join a general freelancer website.

Websites like eLance are becoming popular among graphic designers and those handy with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You can choose whatever price you want to work for, and these sites make it simple to upload portfolios of your personal work for potential clients to view.

How much money can you make per hour on a site like eLance? That depends on your level of skill. (And confidence as a designer!) Designers in locations like Pakistan or the Philippines may work for much lower that $10 per hour, but an adept designer form the United States can earn $30 per hour or more if they have enough skill.

Sites like eLance make it easy for clients to review your work publicly so that you can get credit and recognition! High ratings and raving customer reviews will help drive more business your way.

Do you have the skills? Go for it!

Designers are in high demand online! To those without their unique talents, creating artwork using the computer seems impossible and a task best left to someone with the correct abilities.

Don’t sell yourself short. Sell your skills online, get recognized, and make great money as a freelance designer!